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Bicycle Storage

WireCrafters has two innovative approaches to handling the bike storage needs of today’s condo and multi-dwelling owners and residents. The Bike Stacker and the Wall Rider offer attractive ways to store numerous bikes in a strong and secure system. These solutions provide maximum storage in a minimum amount of space. Both the Bike Stacker and the Wall Rider are designed for ease of use, so all stored bikes are readily accessible.

The Bike Stacker

The Bike Stacker

Eliminate chaotic piles of bicycles for good with our double-tiered, freestanding Bike Stacker. This efficient multiple bike storage solution accommodates up to fourteen bikes in an area of only six feet.

The Bike Stacker bicycle storage system is easy to use. Bikes are set on the rack storage tray and rolled forward into place. The bike’s front wheel drops securely into place, with our patent-pending design. The bike is safely held until the next ride.

Bike Stacker Features

Bicycle Wall Rider

Wall Rider

Make the most of unused wall space with the Bicycle Wall Rider, vertical bike storage system. The Wall Rider gives bike owners fast and easy access to bikes, and provides secure storage between rides. The system’s innovative design includes a stain-resistant protective vinyl sleeve to protect the wheel rims of stored bikes.

A black enamel finish and 1/8" thick steel construction make the Wall Rider as attractive as it is strong. Keep bikes safe and out of the way with this efficient, and easy to use bicycle storage system.

Bicycle Wall Rider Features